Weight Training for Karate

One question we get asked a lot is if weight training is beneficial for karate student? Of course some people believe that all people who lift weights are giant hulking beasts who might possess raw strength but have no speed or agility.

But the truth is very far from this. For one, few people can become HUGE like you see in bodybuilding competitions. It all depends on your own genetics.

As for the second part – that is false as well. Lifting weights does not necessarily reduce your speed or agility. Let’s say you lift and gain an extra 10 pounds of muscle. Now you will have to carry that weight around, and take it into account when doing karate.

But as long as you (1) stay limber and (2) stay fit as a whole, having extra mass is not detrimental.

Staying agile and limber with the correct stretches, or even plyometric exercises, is going to help you gain range of motion and keep you safer from injuries.

And for part 2, staying fit all over, means work your whole body. This increased bone strength, optimizes your hormones, and lets you recover faster. Plus with a better cardiovascular system you can spar longer.

So if you are thinking about lifting weights for karate, we highly recommend it.

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