How To Tie A Karate Belt in 7 Easy Steps

Your karate belt is your outward display of your karate journey. Learning how to tie your obi is integral to your success. Here is how to tie a karate belt:

#1 – place your obi on your stomach around your waist. The ends will go behind you.

#2 – wrap the belt (obi) around your waist now.

#3 – crossing the belt behind your back, tightly, bring it back around to your front.

#4 – smooth it out, and keep it looking crisp on the front now. This part will show.

#5 – cross the ends of the obi around your front. This will be back on the front now, getting ready to tie it up. Almost done!

#6 – tie the knot in the front using with both ends. Follow the video below if you get confused.

#7 – pull it tight into you (you don’t want it to slip off during a kata!) and you are done.

All our karate belt displays can accept a belt tied this way.

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