Self Defense Awareness With Karate

When you become a karateka your training extends to more than just your present location. Because karate is at its core a form of self-defense, it should hopefully teach you to be aware and ready in all situations.

From this knowledge of how to defend yourself against any assailant should hopefully spring forth the self-confidence that many people join the sport to find. In fact, many beginners to the sport are not interested in simply just breaking boards or becoming a black belt. In fact, they are more interested in the self-development skills they will gain through proper practice of kata and indiscipline. This is a great attitude to have.

Because of this, many adults will choose to enroll their children in a karate class. We highly recommend that you consider doing this. When I was growing up, all of the other kids who did karate were always better behaved in did better in school. I can only imagine how it is nowadays.

But even if you are a grown adult you will still find many benefits from the martial art of karate. One very simple and cool thing that will help you do is to understand the Japanese language a little bit better. As we get older some people claim it is harder to learn language. Well, as an adult, why not put yourself in a situation where you will be surrounded by the Japanese language? It won’t hurt.

Plus and as we all know today, we all could use more exercise. And who wouldn’t like to learn more about how to defend himself against a criminal or a mugger?

The self-awareness that you will develop very quickly in this sport is an amazing thing for you. Even if your entire life to have thought that you were weak or incapable of taking down opponent, all that will go away the first time that you successfully blocked an opponents punch at the dojo. Talk about a rush!

So even if you live in a high crime area do not fear. Having the skills of knowing when to take down an opponent and more importantly, when to run away and not engage, can truly be valuable life-saving skills. As ironic as it is, people who train karate generally do not go around getting in fights. A good sensei will teach you the best fight is one that you did not have to engage in. This makes common sense.

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