Practicing Katas To Understand Karate

When you get serious about practicing karate you will no doubt have a new test to perform to get your new belt. During this test, you will need to satisfy your instructors requirements to pass. One of the most common things you will need to demonstrate is the knowledge of any new katas.

Katas are specialized sequences that are learned during karate. When I first started karate I did not understand what they were for. But in time I came to realize that they are excellent ways to practice your posture in combat positions. Of course you will never face a series of opponents exactly as you do in your kata.

But by memorizing and performing at various speeds the moves he will need to do, it helps your brain learn. You gain both brain memory and muscle memory as you do this.

It is also a good way to teach yourself the idealized forms of the various blocks, kicks, and punches that you do in the dojo. As you train harder at each kata you’ll get better at it, which will make you a better karateka in general. It is only through the long series of repetition that you get in the zone and really start to understand why you do what you do.

Your instructor will be looking at how well you perform your kata. when you’re just starting out as a white or yellow belt, it is okay if you perform your kata slowly. But later as you advance in rank you will be both expected and able to perform much faster.

But in neither case should you let your form gets sloppy. That is one of the worst ways to perform kata. because they are the best case scenario in combat, it is crucial to your training that you learn it properly.

Some karateka become very impatient when they are first starting out. They would love to just get right there on the floor and do a flying jump kick or break some boards. As fun as that would be, that is not the place for a beginner to be.

So if you’re just starting out it is okay if your first few kata are very slow, simple, and seemed to be focused more on your breathing and posture. This is to ensure that you get the fundamentals of this sport down properly before you do something more extreme. There is a time and place for everything. When you become more advanced or sensei will gladly let you break boards and do kicks. In fact, when I first did karate it was not until the second year that my sensei let us do anything other than just simple kicks. It was a great way to learn discipline and perseverance. While we all wanted to get the next belt for our belt rack, in the end the patience paid off.

As you do your kata member to always bow to be respectful. That is the essence of karate in today’s time. If you are doing a kata in front of judges, they will also be looking at your self-confidence. If you have ever done a kata in not so good about it, trust me, it shows. It is only through the hours of practice that you will gain the self-confidence to pull off some of the advanced kata.

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