Karate Belt Display

All of the karate belt levels represent a new development in both your life, and your martial arts training. So it is important to show them off. Remember how excited you were when you got your first karate belt? By proudly displaying them it is a testament to your hard work.

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Why You Need A Karate Belt Display Rack

Does your child participate in karate? If you want to encourage his or her healthy habits, buying them a karate belt display rack is a good way to offer positive reinforcement. It is a way of saying that you approve of the hard work and effort they are putting into their skills. In today’s world filled with crime and youth problems, martial arts serves as a safe and effective outlet for their self-esteem. The skills they learn – self-discipline, strength, courage, and hard work – cannot easily be obtained. So as you encourage them in their quest it will help their whole life.

A karate belt rack also makes a good Christmas and birthday present. Imagine the joy and surprise on their face when they open it. Even if you don’t do karate, you can still help them out.

And it is not just karate that you can follow. Because many different schools and art forms use belts, we designed everything to work everywhere. These racks are perfect for all martial including:

  • taekwondo belts
  • judo belts
  • karate belts
  • MMA belts
  • any other martial arts belt that you want to display

Using Your Martial Arts Belt Display

Every belt rack we have is high-quality construction. All martial belts will fit in our displays. This is because they are all sized correctly. So again – no matter what dojo you attend, or philosophy of self-defense you follow – your belts will fit.

You simply wrap your belt around our karate belt holders, and secure them in place behind. It’s a simple to use and secure way for all your karate rank belts to be proudly displayed on your bedroom wall, office wall, at home, or at the dojo. Put them in a place where everyone can see them. Be proud. It can be a great conversation piece to see a full belt display in the open. After all – everyone knows a black belt means serious business. But even if you have a blue or yellow belt right now, many people will want to know about your sport.

Each of our racks can also function as a taekwondo belt display. This is great news for your friends who participate in this Korean martial art. And they even work with judo belts making all of the items we have for sale a true martial arts belt rack. You might have to buy multiple ones if you are a true athlete and compete in many different disciplines.

Special For Karate Black Belts

Now that you have mastered both yourself and karate, having a karate belt holder is a must. It has been a hard road to get to where you are. Years of dedication. Countless hours in the dojo. Blood. Sweat. Tears. If there was ever anything in your life that you have worked for, it is this.

That is why are just as proud as you are right now. By purchasing a rack for all your belts, it will serve as both a symbol of where you have been, yet also a symbol of what lies ahead. No matter what life throws at you, we both know you will be able to – by using your iron will and strength – to throw a big Ki-Yah! right back at it and emerge victorious.

A Karate Belt Display For All Levels

And even if you are not top dan with a black belt yet don’t worry. These racks still look good with one, two, or three belts on them. If anything you can see all the possibilities in it. As your progress, it will give you a goal to focus on. You can think to yourself how good it will be to fill up that next slot. As your practice your katas it can motivate you.

Can They Be Personalized?

Yes. You can make a personalized karate belt holder by putting your name, dojo location, sensei or master’s name, current dan level, a special date, or anything else you can think of on the rack. The simple yet attractive wood finish will let any stickers or paint adhere to the surface. It’s a simple and easy way to truly make your rack your own.